One of the biggest migration-related questions on Shopify right now is ‘how do I migrate my emails to Shopify?’ But, the short answer is, you don’t! (we’ll show you a workaround below.)

Shopify offers a comprehensive migration manual to speed up the migration of the following types of data from your old store:

  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Pages
  • Blogs

However, the one thing missing from the migration manual is an answer to the most important migration issue: how do I migrate my emails to Shopify?

You see, migrating your email inbox is a whole different matter and a bit more complex than migrating everything else.

So How Exactly Do I Migrate My Emails to Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce solution that takes care of hosting your online store, but it doesn’t have Shopify email hosting. Merchants have been asking for email hosting from Shopify for a while now, but their requests have not been answered…yet.

You might wonder: “What do I as a merchant have to do to migrate my emails to Shopify?” and you simply need to find a suitable third-party email host.

Are There Many Shopify Email Hosting Friendly Providers?

There’s quite a lot of them out there, but not all of them are well suited for Shopify, even if they are amongst the most popular options.

A good example of this would be Gmail. They are the most popular free email hosting provider, and they can be used for your Shopify store. But they aren’t a good choice for merchants because they don’t let you have your own custom email. You’ll only have the option of ‘’ which your customers will see.

Would you trust a store whose reply comes from Most shoppers wouldn’t. It makes you look unprofessional, like you’re not taking your business seriously.

Choose a Paid Shopify Email Hosting Provider

A paid Shopify email hosting provider is always a better option – all paid options let you have a custom email address, so you can choose or

But, not all paid options are made equal either:  

  • Many of them come with lots of features that you will never need (and charge you for the privilege.)
  • Others lack the right support to help you with the setup – You see, once you make your custom email, you will need some technical knowledge to link it with your store. Your email host should be able to help you with this, yet many don’t.
  • Some don’t support email migration – You can have a custom email, but all your previous client and email data will be with your old host. Not really a great deal, is it?

Always remember: “A good provider will be able to migrate my emails to Shopify.”

Shopped Mail: The Only Dedicated Shopify Email Hosting Provider

We at Shopped Email are a managed Shopify email hosting service provider. Developed by Shopify experts for Shopify merchants, Shopped Email helps fill the gap with the lack of email hosting from Shopify.

We have all the features you will need for a successful migration to Shopify including migrating your contacts and email. As long as your current hosting service supports a migration tool, we have you covered.

Contact us for a quote for Shopify email migration or sign up with us now.