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Email hosting for your Shopify store - ready in a few clicks. Create as many or as few email addresses as you want on your own custom domain. Shopify email hosting made simple.







Email hosting for Shopify Stores from $10 per month

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Spam & Virus Protection

Webmail, POP3 & IMAP Access

5GB of space/mailbox

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20+ Email Accounts

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Shopify  eMail Hosting

A Shopify email hosting package specifically for Shopify merchants.

Fully Supported

Need help? We’re here and always respond to tickets within 24 hours.

Super Simple & Fast Setup

Getting Shopify email hosting couldn’t be simpler. Simply sign up.

Simple User Interface

Managing your Shopify store email couldn’t be easier with our intuitive UI.

Available Globally

Shopify Email hosting in 13 Languages – available for merchants worldwide.

Media Storage

Get 5gb storage on our servers – store and organize your files.

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Dedicated Shopify email hosting packages available – you can be accessing your webmail in 5 minutes.







Shopped email offers Shopify customers exclusive email hosting packages so you can have custom emails on your domain. Stop using gmail and start using a dedicated Shopify email hosting service.

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Does Shopify have email hosting?

No Shopify does not have email hosting. You need to use an external email host for shopify email hosting. You can use any email host.  Currently Shopped email is the only email host dedicated for Shopify merchants.

What is the best email hosting service?

The best email hosting for your business will depend on your business needs.  Not all hosts are the same.  Shopped email specialises in Shopify email hosting and has all the features you could need.

How do you create an email address with your domain name with Shopify?

Shopify does not have email hosting so you need to find a suitable email host.  You can sign up for Shopped Email and follow our instructions or find an alternative Shopify email host like G Suite or Zoho.  But if you want a custom email address you will need to pay for the services of a 3rd party host – free email hosting doesn’t exist.

How do you create an info@ email address?

Creating an info@ email address or any other email on your domain is very simple.  Just sign up for Shopped Email and follow our instructions. You could have your email address in under 5 minutes.

Zoho Shopify email setup

Some Shopify merchants choose to use Zoho for email hosting.  Zoho used to offer free email hosting for Shopify but they have since started charging.  You can visit Zoho for their services.

Shopify email hosting services

In order to use email with Shopify you’ll need to find an email hosting service.  We offer Shopify email hosting and you can find many other email hosting companies offering similar services.

Shopify MX Records

Shopify do not have an MX record.  In order to use email hosting with Shopify you’ll need a 3rd party email host.  Each email host will have their own MX record.  The MX record of Shopped email is where yourdomain.dom is your domain.

Shopify Email Settings

Shopify offer email forwarding only which is not what many merchants need. Shopify email settings will depend on the service you use for email hosting.  If you are using our services for email hosting you can set your email MX setting to

G Suite Shopify

Some Shopify merchants prefer to use G Suite for email hosting as it offers many tools and integrations.  G suite is a generic business suite of tools including business email hosting.

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