Shopify SEO FAQ

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I've ordered my Shopify SEO package - what next?

After ordering your SEO package you will receive an email with instructions.

This can take upto 72 hours so please be patient.

In order to start active SEO we will need access to:

  1. Your Shopify store
  2. Your Google Analytics
  3. Your Google Search Console Account

How do I monitor what's been done?

You will get a monthly email detailing what has been done with an overview of your SEO positions.

In the first month we will audit your website (for issues) and decide on an SEO strategy to implement.

Setting Up & Managing Billing

How can I pay for my SEO?

We accept payments via Paypal and all major credit and debit cards. A recurring payment is set up when you create your accounts.

How do I cancel my SEO?

You can cancel your services from within your billing account.

Login here and then select the service you wish to cancel and select “Request Cancellation”.  Our engineer will deactivate your account and stop any further payments being taken from your payment method.

Why does it take up to 72 hours to start?

There are a number of reasons why it takes around 72 hours for your order to become active.  We need to:

  1. review the order for fraud
  2. audit the website
  3. wait for store access

How About VAT?

We are currently not registered for VAT and so do not charge it or show it on our invoices. This may change in the future and we will update all customers if/when this happens.

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